Food, warmth, and water are the three most favourable factors that provoke the ants to enter the house. Whether it’s the summers or the winters, you’ll see a team of ants lingering throughout the rooms every other day. Getting rid of ants is next to impossible. They are a really difficult group of creatures. Treatments from professional pest control in Worthing are required to make the premises completely ant-free.

This ensures that they don’t keep coming back again and again. They can hide near small gaps, inner walls, cracks – hence finding them and exterminating the same becomes a hectic job. However, until you hire a professional for the job, use these household hacks to get rid of the ant’s infestation.

Ways to keep ants away

Search for the nest

Instead of sweeping away the ants, be patient and smart. Search for their nests and the place of origin. Ants generally travel in a line, and if tracebacks are the same, you’ll be able to find the nest successfully. It might take time because they often travel several miles away from the nest in search of food. However, keep checking the cracks and holes. Once you get hold of the same, destroy the nest, the infestation will get destroyed automatically.

Spray peppers

Pepper is an ant repellent product. Whenever you see a line of ants moving through your rooms, spray peppers on them and break the communication channel. It might not exterminate the entire group of ants but helps stop the ants for a long time.

Baking soda solutions

Baking soda will also do the same trick. You can make a baking soda spray for yourself and keep it handy with you. Spray the same over the ants as soon as you see them. The chemicals in the soda prevent the ants from living for a long time.

Lemons sprays

A simple household trick is to squeeze lemon and sprinkle the same over the ants. They hate the smell of lemons, and hence this trick works 100%. You can also use lemon flavoured detergent mixed in water to mop the floors every day. This helps to keep insects and ants at bay.

Sugary foods attract ants. Make sure that your home is clean and your foods covered. In case of an impossible infestation, hire professionals from Betapest. They’ll help you get rid of the ants by using chemical pesticides, which are highly effective.