Almost every business had to face a series of uncertainties once the pandemic hit. Not only did the demand for their resources increased but they also had to ensure the safety of their staff and customers. One of the sectors which had to employ numerous hygiene practices in the food industry. The COVID crisis became a golden opportunity for pests to thrive.

Not only were their irregular food sources but human presence also reduced which made them venture out more. An increase in the number of pest infestations turned out to be quite dangerous as pests are responsible for transmitting dangerous pathogens, carrying harmful diseases, and breeding quickly under favourable conditions.

Importance Of Integrated Pest Management

To get rid of pest infestations from the root and to ensure long-term prevention, you need an integrated pest management solution. Choose a reputable pest management company in Brighton like Betapest and you can rest assured that their experts will customise a suitable IPM plan. They offer the finest pest control services in the industry. Give them a call and their specialist team will visit you to determine your pest control needs.

Prevent The Entry Of Pests

Whether you want to prevent the entry of pests into your domestic or commercial property, an Integrated Pest Management plan can help you. It comprises of all the pest control measures which can prevent the entry of pests into your property. The pest control experts will seal all the potential entry points into your property. They will seal all the gaps and holes and replace the cracked screens and repair the issues around the drains, entryways, pipes, and other structures. Pest proofing a property becomes more important if the building is closed, empty or operating with less human presence.

Keep Away Pests From Your Property

An easy way to keep away pests from your property is by ensuring there is no food odour or lighting, which can draw them to your premises. Pests are attracted to buildings as it provides them with food, water, shelter, safety from predators and warmth. The pest control company will undertake restriction measures that will contain the spread of pest infestations or discourage access. This is how you can ensure food safety with integrated pest management during COVID 19.