Fleas are a specific type of small wingless insect with a cuticle. Fleas feed on other insects but can bite humans at times. Fleas are difficult to eliminate from your nearby surroundings. It’s not the end of your sorrow. Fleas breed quickly, and if you aren’t proactive, they can give you nightmares. If you can’t deal with fleas, you can always connect with a pest control service. The professionals will give you advice and carry out work to help you eradicate fleas form your home

Flea Control Techniques: What Should You Know?

Controlling fleas in your home won’t be a difficult task if you are aware of the tactics. Make sure you implement the strategies in the right fashion and get the desired outcomes. If you struggle to manage fleas in your home, follow the below tactics:

  • Mow the grass regularly: It is a great approach to control fleas in your garden. You will disrupt the hiding place of fleas if you mow the grass regularly. However, make sure you mow at the right height. Don’t cut your grass excessively short, or else you will disrupt spiders that prefer to eat fleas. 

Taller grass in a garden is the breeding ground for fleas. If you don’t have an idea of the right grass height, consult a landscaping expert to gain the necessary insights.

  • Avoid overwatering your garden: Overwatering your garden will result in moisture buildup, and fleas love moisture. If you water too often, your lawn will be the hub of fleas and mosquitoes. Also, have a clear idea of how much water your lawn retains. It will prevent water stagnation in the soil.
  • Create a barrier: You can build a barrier around your residence that is hostile to fleas. You should eliminate all leaf litter and plantings for 6-18 inches to create this barrier. You can also consult the professionals of a pest control company to know about the insecticides and pesticides that kill fleas.
  • Get in touch with a pest management service: If you are unable to control fleas even after implementing all the above tactics, consulting a professional will be the best bet. they can make you understand the shortcomings and the methods you need to apply to eliminate fleas from your surroundings.

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