Dealing with a rodent infestation is always difficult. Moreover, if the rodents have made their way into the walls of your house, it might not be easy to get rid of them. Rodents around the home spread harmful diseases and also destroy the insulated areas. So, if you’ve noticed a single rodent in your property walls, call a professional for pest control services. They have solutions and proper pest-management experience. You can get rid of these rodents easily with their help. 

How do you identify rodents in your walls?

When the rodents move around the property and premises, you can easily spot and get rid of them. However, if they hide inside the walls, it becomes difficult to identify the rodents. Rodents make noise inside the walls. Apart from that, you will also notice a few things that can help you understand that rodents are present in the walls.

  • You notice rodent droppings all around the house, especially in the corners. 
  • When you notice grease marks along the walls or on the baseboards of the house’s walls.
  • When you notice chewing or biting marks on the containers or fresh vegetables or fruits.
  • When you hear squeaking, scratching and gnawing sounds coming from the walls or corners of the house.

What damage is caused to the walls of the house?

Rodents cause a considerable amount of damage to the house. They can contaminate food and also bite people. However, if they remain inside the walls, rodents chew wires inside the walls. Moreover, they also chew the insulation from within. 

How to get rid of rodents?

Before you call the professionals, take drastic steps to prevent the rodents from making more mess. 

  • Seal the entry points of the rodents as soon as possible, especially paying attention to the openings of the pipes, air ducts and openings. 
  • Please set up a strategic trap to keep the rodents on track when roaming the rooms. 
  • Use bait and traps with food like peanut butter and seeds so that the rodents get lured to the same and get into the trap. 
  • Use rodent-repelling oil and sprays and eliminate all sources of excess food from the premises so that rodents do not return. 

Contact Betapest to remove rodents from all corners of the house. We have years of experience in dealing with all pest control services.