Bed Bugs become a big obstacle in your uninterrupted beautiful sleep as they feed on your blood while you are asleep. Blood from sleeping people and animals is their primary food source. These small invasive creatures spread quickly as female bed bugs lay numerous eggs throughout their lifetime, though they aren’t proven to carry any harmful diseases. You can also book professional pest control services if they are spread in larger quantities. Here are the complete guidelines if you notice their growth in your home.

Things to Know About Bed Bugs and their Treatment

1. How do Bed Bugs Spread?

Most people believe that a filthy place attracts bed bugs, but you would be surprised to know that a clean and hygienic place can also have bed bugs. The only thing that bed bugs are attracted to is blood. They can spread to your home majorly by travelling through luggage, clothes, or even second-hand furniture. Inviting guests who have come into contact with bed bugs can also spread bed bugs on your property.

2. Bed Bug Infestation Signs

Small Blood Stains

If you have bed bugs in your place, your bed sheets and pillowcases may have small blood stains, particularly when you get up in the morning, and this can be increased if not treated timely.

Itchy rashes, Bumps and Bites on the Skin

You can have itchy bumps on your body, which will be specifically seen in the morning, and these bites can be painful, irritating and uncomfortable.

Sweaty Smell

With bed bugs spreading at your home, you may experience an unpleasant, mushy, sweaty smell like a used locker room.

Bed Bugs Themselves

You may find bed bugs crawling into your body, clothes or furniture.

3. How Can you Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

Here are some steps for bed bug treatment.

Identify Infested Areas

Examine your home thoroughly to know the infested items

Restrict the Bugs

Though controlling bed bugs is difficult without pest control services as they move very fast, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean every infested item thoroughly and also consider washing them using hot water.

Professional Pest Control

The most effective way to kill bed bugs is by hiring a professional pest control expert.

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