Since rodents are often linked with many diseases, getting rid of them at the right time is a must. Get in touch with pest control experts in Brighton if you notice one or few rats in your office. Ignoring them can complicate the situation even further and lead to a pest infestation. Professionals offering commercial pest control services will assess the condition and level of a pest infestation before sharing some tips for preventative rodent pest control.

Know The Common Signs Of Infestation

If you see a mouse dead or alive at your workplace, you can consider it to be a sign of a rodent infestation. There are even a few situations when people fail to see a rodent on the premise but could see their droppings. They are generally found near food sources in cupboards and bins. You might also find them in the drawers of employees who keep food in their desks. These are common overlooked areas. Another common sign indicating a rodent infestation is nibbled or gnawed food packages. Rodents often make their way through holes and gaps in the building’s wooden structure.

Easy Tips To Prevent And Control Rodent Infestation

  • Repair the leaky pipes and faucets and remove bird feeders if you don’t want any rodents’ water sources.
  • Keep food waste in rigid plastic or metal containers which rats can’t gnaw.
  • Don’t keep cookies or cakes in your office desks overnight as they can attract rodents and other pests.
  • If there are trees in your commercial premises, remove fruits and nuts falling on the ground as they are natural food sources for the rodents.
  • Repair all the cracks and building openings larger than ΒΌ inch.

Time to get in touch with the pest control experts at Betapest, and you can keep your office rodent-free.