Basements are one of the most claustrophobic places in a home. Lack of proper ventilation keeps it humid most of the time. This condition is ideal for insect and mould infestation. Uncontrollable breeding of insects and pests can damage the items stored in the basement.

What Are the Common Insects?

Spiders, ants, cockroaches and termites are some of the common insects you can find in the basement. To prevent their growth, you should check the basement once in a while. You can eliminate the insects and pests through some simple steps.

Top Ways to Eliminate Pests from Your Basement:

Learn about some useful tips to keep your basement pest free. You can consult a well-known pest control in Haywards Heath if you need professional guidance.

  • Keep Basement Moisture Free: It is one of the basic tasks to keep your basement free from pests. A room with moisture is the ideal breeding ground for different types of insects. To eliminate this problem, you should check drainage issues and cracks in the basement. If you want to effectively take out the water molecules from the air, you can use a dehumidifier.
  • Remove Stored Fabrics: The main purpose of building a basement is to add storage space. However, not every item can be stored here. If you have upholstery or fabrics like carpet, rug and beddings, you should find some other space to store them. Moist fabrics act as a perfect breeding ground for insects.
  • Use Pest Traps: Pest and insect traps are a great way to keep insects away from the basement. Install different traps like ant traps, insecticides, and rat traps in the basement carefully. Using these will help capture and kill the pests and destroy their breeding.
  • Clean Basement Regularly: Cleaning the basement is really necessary to keep the insects and pests away. Remove all traces of foods and fabrics and clean the surface with chemicals to get the best results. Attempt to clean out the dust and rubbish from the place at regular intervals. To do this task without any hassle, you can consult an expert pest control near your location.

Keeping the basement clean is a primary requirement to check the growth of insects. It is important for maintaining the overall hygiene of your home.

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