Pests are very dirty and can transmit dangerous diseases. Keeping your home and office pest-free is very important, especially if you own a restaurant. Since summer heat is continuously increasing, restaurant owners in Worthing have to stay prepared for additional pest pressures.

Even if your guests can see just one pest, your website will get filled with negative feedback. You can keep your restaurant and guests healthy and safe only with an integrated pest management program. Experienced pest control experts will share with you a few vital measures and easy tips to prevent them.

3 Types Of Pests Which Are Threats For Restaurants in Worthing


• Cockroaches

Their presence has been felt for thousands of years as they are quite adaptive and resilient. You will be surprised to know that cockroaches are one of the few pests who have become resistant to over-the-counter pest control methods and other treatments. This is why you have to get in touch with experienced pest control experts to get rid of them from your restaurant instead of trying a DIY. There are almost 70 types of cockroaches found in a restaurant. They can survive on anything if there is sufficient supply of water, food and shelter.

• Flies

Inspite of being quite small in size, flies are one of the filthiest pests capable of carrying harmful diseases like cholera, salmonella and typhoid. They spend a majority of their time in unsanitary areas and feed on food waste, faeces, carcasses and garbage. Diarrhoea, bloodstream infections and food poisoning are few of the common health issues caused due to bacteria transmission. If you don’t want your guests to reject their meal just because a fly has landed on it, opt for pest control in Worthing and keep flies away from your restaurant.

• Rats

You will definitely find rats and mice in a restaurant if there are unsanitary conditions. Not only will this lead to harmful food contamination but also damage your reputation drastically by reducing your food safety audit scores. Rodents are considered to be one of the primary reasons behind a few deadly respiratory and neurological diseases. When they die, fleas, mites and ticks feed on them and transmit diseases like plague, pox and typhus. They even reproduce very rapidly and can lead to a full-grown infestation very quickly.

Since you are now aware of the common pests found in a restaurant, it’s time to opt for professional pest control services and keep the place protected.