When your home gets infested by pests, your normal living experience gets hampered. You get worried about the damage that they would cause. To stop the infestation of different insects, you should undertake a regular scan of the corners of your home.

The Ant Problem in Brief:

No matter how small the size of an insect, it can still inflict costly damage. Even a smaller sized pest like an ant can hamper your normal life. Ant infestation is a common problem faced by many households in the UK. If you spot an ant colony around your home, you should be proactive in removing it quickly.

How to Tell If Your House Is Infested by Ants?

If you are facing infestation by ants, calling well-known pest control services in Worthing can be handy. In this blog, you will learn about the ways to spot ant infestation in your house.

  • Trails of Sawdust: Ants can be categorised into different sections. Not all ants feed on the stocked food in your kitchen. Your home may get infested with carpenter ants who love to feast on wood. If you see small sawdust trails beside your wooden furniture, your house has definitely been attacked by ants. Make sure to check all wooden furniture and decorations for sawdust.
  • Ant’s Nests: The first signs of ant problems generally emerge in the garden. So it is important to check the surface of this area regularly. Spotting the nests of ants is not challenging at all. If you spot piles of soil and dirt here and there, you can be sure of their presence. It is advisable not to touch or disturb the nest. The ants might get angered and attack you.
  • Discarded Wings: Flying ants are a common form of insect that generally appears during summer. Normally, these ants shed their wings after a short period. You may find these while checking the window sills or door frames of your house. This is a useful way to identify the type of ant that has swarmed into your property.
  • Spotting an Army of Ants: This is the most basic sign that tells you about an infestation of ants. You should observe their movement carefully to determine their pattern. If they form a trail and head to your property, you should not delay calling pest control.

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