One of the main reasons why the decks and exterior of your house get filled with mildew and dirt after the winter season is because of the moisture and snow. Though a few cans of paint can help in making your property look better, you also need to ensure that the landscape is clean if you are wanting to keep it pest-free. Every professional offering pest control services in Brighton are aware of the fact that a property will be safe only if it is clean.

Why Opt For Pest Control Services Before Spring?

Though it is vital to ensure a clean and well-maintained environment throughout the year, preventing pest infestations becomes tougher as the weather gets warmer. The easiest way to prevent the bugs from swarming is by opting for pest control services before the arrival of spring. The right professional knows how to ensure the safety of your home and your personal hygiene. An effective spring cleaning can help a great deal in preventing a possible bug infestation and so you can save a few bucks in the long run.

4 Cool Tips To Ensure That Your Outdoor Space Is Pest-Free


• Clean Gutters

Cleaning the gutters in your landscape is a must before the arrival of spring as moisture often becomes a breeding ground for a wide variety of insects. You can prevent these critters from developing with efficient gutter maintenance. The gutter spouts should be pointed away from your house as it not only helps in prevent pests from developing but also saves the house from potential water damage.

• Mulch

Not everyone living in Brighton is aware of the fact that pests simply love mulch as it is comfy, moist and warm. Even if you are willing to include mulch in your landscape, make sure it is not placed too close to your home as the increases the chance of a pest infestation drastically. The mulch layer shouldn’t be too thick either as it becomes more favourable for the pests.

• Tree Trimming

Every company offering integrated pest control in Brighton feels that the best time to trim the trees in your garden is before the arrival of spring. Even the damaged roots should be trimmed and the tree returned to a nursery for replacement. Pruning the fruit trees in early spring helps in preventing pests from spreading before new growth appears.

• Vegetation

Not only should vegetation be kept at a distance from your house but professionals offering pest control services even suggest their clients to ensure that all the fruit trees are cleaned properly. This is primarily because insects and ants love eating sweets and so the chances of pest infestation increase if vegetation is allowed to come in contact with your building.

If you can’t save your landscape from a pest infestation even after following the tips stated above, get in touch with a reliable company offering pest control services and prevent the pests from ruining your beautiful landscape.