The current pandemic has brought a lot of changes in our life. From the economy to education; everything gets shattered due to this COVID 19 pandemic and the lockdown conditions.

Unfortunately, the rats inside your house or the wasps outside the home do not care if there is lockdown or pandemic. Their search for a perfect shelter and food never is on going. In fact, the lockdown makes then even happier than ever. There is no disturbance in the stores or the warehouses or in the garage because of lockdown.

This can be horrible if you do not take the necessary steps to stop them immediately. Will it be safe to hire pest control during a pandemic? Can it be useful or necessary to ensure good health during this tough time?

The Benefits

  1. Though there is neither any direct connection of pests and COVID-19 nor they can spread the infection. However, keeping your surroundings neat and clean is essential to avoid risks; hence, pest control is essential.
  2. Pests can cause different other ailments which can make your health seriously affected. To combat the pandemic, you need a strong immunity power. Diseases caused by pests can affect your immunity as well. Thus, you should consider having professional pest control to avoid such hazards.
  3. A professional and efficient pest control service can provide you with comprehensive pest management plans as per the situation of your property after a thorough inspection of the same.
  4. Due to the lockdown, you need to spend a lot of time indoor; hence, it is essential to keep that place hygienic and healthy for your entire family. Therefore, this is the right time to call the professional pest control company at your house.

What Safety Measures Pest Controllers Are Applying during Pandemic

  • No handshaking or any kind of physical contact between the service provider and the clients
  • Ensuring the regular health check-up and thermal testing of the team members before sending them on assignments
  • Using PPE kits to ensure the complete protection of the staffs while working at the clients’ properties
  • No cash dealing, only the online transfer of the payment is accepted to ensure the safety of the clients and the team members

At Betapest, we are highly careful about maintaining all the safety guidelines provided by WHO due to this COVID-19 pandemic in the UK. Whenever you need a professional pest control expert during the lockdown, just remember; we are a phone call away.