Pests do not differentiate between a rental and an owner’s property. If they find the property suitable to make a healthy nest for their family, they will do so without any hesitation. Often people get confused about the process of pest control in a Worthing based rental property. Who will be responsible for removing those creatures; the tenant or the landlord?

The answer is simple. The landlord is obliged to provide complete pest control service to his rental property to ensure healthy living conditions for the tenant.

There are a few things that you must know about controlling the pest infestation in a rental property in Worthing.

Key Points to Know

  1. Housing Associations and Registered social landlords or RLS and landlords are responsible for pest roofing at a rental property in the UK. A contract for regular pest treatment should be signed between them and their tenants in case the property is located in a region where seasonal pest attack is common.
  2. If the landlords are refusing to take care of the pest infestation in their rental properties, UK Councils can make them do it by sending enforcement notice. In case the Council need to eventually arrange the pest extermination process, the landlord will be legally forced to pay all the bills.
  3. As a landlord, even if you are legally forced, you should consider it is as your social responsibility to keep your property pest-free to ensure the health and safety of your tenant and neighbours.
  4. Besides, a rental property with pests cannot be the first choice for most of the potential tenants. They always prefer to rent a property that is perfect for healthy living.

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