You will be surprised to know that it just takes seven weeks for a bed bug to grow from an egg to an adult. You might start noticing the signs of a pest infestation within the first few weeks. If you don’t want the issue to become more complicated over time, get in touch with a reputable company offering pest control services.

Why Are Bed Bugs More Dangerous Than You Think?

Bed bugs are often associated with dirty environments. They are one of the few pests which are not attracted to debris and dirt but carbon dioxide, warmth and food. You can expect a female bed bug to lay around 300 eggs throughout its life. With the temperature of the UK increasing every year, the egg-laying circle is increasing to 8 to 10 days. Earlier, they used to lay eggs after almost 18 days.

The size of a female bedbug can increase by almost 200% when feeding. Many people are sensitive to bed bug bites and start showing signs of sensitivity within a few minutes. The reactions can lead to much discomfort and anxiety. Though different human pathogens can infect bed bugs, there is still no evidence that they can transfer these pathogens to humans.

How To Look For Bed Bugs?

If a bed bug has been recently fed, it will appear flat and look like an apple seed. They are reddish-brown. They don’t fly but rather crawl from one host to another. If you think that bed bugs are only found in begs, it’s high time you debunk the myth. You will also find them on dirty linens, sofas, plug sockets, and curtains.

A very common sign indicating bed bug infestation is the smell of stale raspberries. You might also notice blood stains or rust coloured stains on bedsheets. An easy way to prevent an infestation is by frequently inspecting the curtains, rugs, rooms and bedding and by getting in touch with experts for pest control in Haywards Heath.

Bugs – Small But Lead To Big Problems

The most common breeding areas for bed bugs are hospitals, residential homes, hotels and schools. Ignoring a bed bug infestation can make them complicated over time and treating it might become more expensive later. Not only will it damage your reputation but also lead to loss of revenue. If you notice any warning signs indicating the presence of bed bugs, get in touch with a reputable company offering pest control services.