Bedbugs are the most unpleasant bugs, once they get to your bed then, they can affect you severely, or you need to appoint pest control to get rid of them. These bugs are too dangerous and spread diversely. Bed bugs do not hibernate like bears or any other animal. They don’t have any special seasons, but they are more active during a particular season.
This blog will help you to know about bed bug hibernation and how to treat them.

Do the bed bugs hibernate?

Bed bugs do not hibernate, rather, they enter a dormant state known as diapause. These tiny creatures diapause when they are exposed to low temperatures. When the temperature drops down below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, their heart rate slows down, and this affects their survival. Adult bugs can survive for 5-7 months without feeding, but they can be decreased when proper steps are initiated.
These insects can be reduced during the winter season because some of them cannot survive extremely cold conditions. The temperature should be freezing, which leads the bed bugs to die. If you have these creatures at your home, then the winter season can be the most appropriate season to treat your them.

When are the bed bugs most active?

Summer Season: Bed bugs are attracted to excess warmth, moisture, carbon dioxide, etc. They become more active in the summer season. The excess of sunlight leads them to grow and increase.

Night: These bugs are also more active at night and get engorged to your blood only in ten minutes. They often attack and bite exposed areas like the neck, face, hands, arms, etc. Bed bugs have to be treated with time because once they get attracted, they will explode slowly and affects you badly.

Traveling: When you tend to travel more, these insects become more active. You may not be aware that you are picking them up because you travel from one place to another. The more you travel, the chances of increasing of these tiny creatures gets higher. You have to take the necessary steps to be relieved from such suffering because bed bugs are not easy to get rid of.

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