In a property, you might have storage facilities in different forms. From pantries to the kitchen, there are several places where you may store different items. This may include many vulnerable items, including food, clothes and grains.

Ensure Cleanliness of Your Storage Facility:

When you store such things inside a confined space, you must ensure keeping them in good condition. A store room that lacks sanitation is a potential hunting ground for different pests and insects. They may infest the whole property and damage the stored items. This causes great losses in the form of money and goods consumption.

How to Control Pest Infestation in Pantries and Kitchens?

To eliminate the infestation, you must contact a professional pest control service. This can control pest infestation significantly. You can also follow some tips mentioned below to prevent pest damage to your goods.

Look for the Infestation Signs

This is an important consideration to prevent pest infestation in your pantry or kitchen. These pests are extremely intuitive and affect only those packages that have already been infested. To control this problem, you should look for the signs of infestation. If you find pests in your product, do not delay in changing the containers at once.

Use Bay Leaves

It is a natural pest repeller you can easily obtain from your spice shop. You can add these leaves to dry food items, like rice, flour and other grains. It has a characteristic pungent smell which discourages pests from attacking your goods.

Check the Dates of the Product

It is another major aspect that helps you to protect your stored goods from pests. While buying the food items, you should check their date of expiration. Check your old items inside the pantry or kitchen, and throw out the items that have been stored for a long time.

Keep Your Surroundings Clean

This is a basic practice that will prevent pest attacks on your stored food items. Take appropriate measures in cleaning the countertops, shelves, floors and corners of the store room. Do not encourage the presence of food crumbs inside the storage facility. This is a primary reason why pests may come. Regular cleaning will also bring out pests that were already hiding inside.

These are important factors to remember to prevent pest infestation in your storage facility. For better assistance in pest control, you must contact a professional service provider. Get in touch with Betapest, one of the well-known pest control services in the UK. We have professionals with years of experience removing different pests by following reliable processes. To learn more, visit our website today.