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All chemicals and products used are COSHH regulated

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Fleas are small wingless insects that live off of the blood of a variety of mammals and birds. A flea bite often causes an itching sensation, which in turn may result in the host attempting to remove the pest by biting, pecking, scratching etc. Adult fleas are small, usually around 2-3mm long. They are red-brown in colour. Fleas feed on the blood of the species to which they are adapted but cat, dog and bird fleas will often also bite humans.

Flea treatments are carried out using a liquid insecticide at floor level which will remain active for 3 months providing the correct instructions are followed; this is enough time to allow for the life cycle of the flea thus killing any undeveloped fleas.




Common Bedbugs are small nocturnal insects that feed on the blood of humans, they can cause skin infections and rashes. Contrary to popular belief they have never been linked to the transmission of any disease so are not a medical threat. Adult bedbugs are 4-5mm long and a reddish brown colour. They are flat and oval in appearance. Newly hatched bugs are translucent. The females are able to reproduce all year round, and the eggs normally hatch within one to two weeks.

Bed bugs can be notoriously difficult to treat in a single visit; our operatives normally suggest that further visits are carried out to ensure all bed bugs are destroyed. Treatment consists of a liquid insecticide applied to edges of the infected room, all affected beds and mattresses and also any cracks that could allow for harbourage.




Cockroaches are widely regarded as one of the oldest species on earth. Generally omnivores, these insects are mainly nocturnal and will run away when exposed to light. Hardy in design, a cockroach is capable of living for a month without food.

Cockroach treatments are carried out using gel bait over one or two visits. The use of gel bait as opposed to a liquid insecticide allows the public to remain in the treated areas. This is the safest and most effective way of treatment a cockroach problem.


American Cockroaches

American Cockroaches

American cockroaches generally live in moist areas, but can survive in dry areas if they have access to water. They prefer warm temperatures around 29 °C and do not tolerate cold temperatures. In residential areas, these cockroaches live in cellars and sewers. A scavenging pest, American cockroaches feed on decaying organic matter and a variety of other foods. It is particularly fond of fermenting foods. They can travel quickly, often darting out of sight when someone enters a room, and can fit into small cracks and under doors despite its fairly large size. It is considered one of the fastest running insects.

American cockroach adults grow to an average length of around 28mm – 44mm and are about 7mm tall. They are shiny reddish brown and have a yellowish margin on the body region behind the head. Immature cockroaches resemble adults except that they are wingless. Their wings are longer than the body in male, but only just overlap the abdomen in the female.

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