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Pest Control Brighton, West Sussex

With a rich legacy of over three decades, Betapest is simply the name to trust if you are on the lookout for reliable pest control in Brighton. We specialise in offering the finest pest control services to residential properties and commercial businesses. From wasps and bugs to hornets and rodents, our specialists are capable of dealing with a wide range of small insects and pests. With our qualified experts by your side, you are guaranteed to receive professional pest control services.

Pest Control Brighton

As a leading company providing pest control service in Brighton, we specialise in offering services which bespeak our prowess in the industry. We take pride in our highly trained professionals who have a wealth of experience in eliminating pest problems. Our qualified property surveyors will visit your property, inspect it thoroughly and decipher your individual pest control needs to provide you with the best solution.

Eradicate Pests The Right Way

Betapest is one of the few companies who rely on tried and tested methods of pest control. We believe that the safest way to get rid of pests, rodents and insects from your property is by using the right material and technique. The products we use are made using materials sourced from reliable suppliers. If you are willing to get rid of pests from your residential or commercial property, give us a call to discuss your particular pest issue and we will suggest a suitable pest control solution.

Trust Experts For Pest Control in Brighton

Every pest control expert in our team is trained and certified so you can hire them for pest control in Brighton with complete peace of mind. They know how to keep homes and offices protected from intrusive pests. Our expert technicians have years of experience in customising pest treatment plans. Not only do they ensure that your home is protected but also prevent infestations. We take much pride in stating that all our services are competitively priced so you can get rid of pests without punching a hole in your pocket. With our pest control experts by your side, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Experts Who Deal With All Aspects of Pest Control

At Betapest, our diligent team of specialists can handle and eliminate a range of pests. Some of these include-

  • Wasps
  • Mice
  • Bed bugs
  • Rodents
  • Rats
  • Fleas
  • Insects
  • Beetles
  • Squirrels

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Experienced Pest Controller in Brighton

Established in 1985, Betapest is a company that has carved a niche in the industry by offering efficient pest control at affordable prices for many years. Each member of our team have years of industry presence and vast knowledge about the various pest infestations. If you think that your residential or commercial property needs pest control services, feel free to give us a call and one of our highly trained exterminators will be on hand to help.

Discovering pests in your home or office will be less stressful with Betapest by your side. We shoulder the entire responsibility of getting rid of those cockroaches, rats, mice, clothes moths, bed bugs and other pests so that you can enjoy a completely pest-free home or office. All our technicians are certified and undergo training at frequent intervals to keep themselves updated and serve our customers to the fullest. Approach us for pest control and make your home pest-proof.

Pest Control Services We Offer:

Flying Insects Control



Wasps are the most disliked and unfamiliar ones among the varied species of British insects. They are the pests that sting without discriminating among the victims. Although, only if they get scared or are attacked violently, then they sting, or else they don’t.The largest wasps measures about 0.8 inches long and it’s always the Queen Wasp... Read More>>

Fleas & Insects Control



Fleas are tiny wingless insects feeding on the blood of various mammals and birds. An itching sensation occurs when a flea bites. As a result, the host tries to remove the pest by scratching, biting, or pecking. Adult fleas are tiny, red-brown insects with a length of around 2-3mm. Though they generally feed on the blood of the species to which they are adapted, cat, dog and bird fleas also bite humans.  .. Read More>>

Rodents Control

Black Rat

Black Rat

The black rat is an omnivorous and nocturnal species of rat with a liking for fruits and grains. As compared to the brown rat, they are a poor swimmer, a better climber and more active. Though they nest both indoors and out, they have a preference for high places like lofts and trees. You can also find them in basements, sewers, in burrows under plants and under buildings... Read More>>

Bird Proofing Control



Feral Pigeons are also known as Columba Livia, City Pigeons, Street Pigeons or City Doves. It is a species of pigeon which has been derived from domestic pigeons but have returned to the wild. The Wild Rock Dove is considered to be the origin of domestic pigeons. They generally live on sea-cliffs and mountains. Since the wild (Rock), domestic and feral pigeons originated from the same species, they are believed to willingly interbreed. As compared to domestic pigeons, feral pigeons live on the ridges of tall buildings instead of sea cliffs as they are familiar with urban life. You can find hundreds of pigeons in every city and town scattered all over the world... Read More>>

Why Choose Us?

  • Professional pest control & timber preservation
  • Operating in Sussex for over 26 years
  • Specialising in both commercial and residential
  • All of our services and solutions are approved by local authorities
  • We operate using discreet unmarked vehicles
  • We’re fully Insured, with fully trained staff
  • Competitive rates, and OAP discounts available
  • All chemicals and products are COSHH regulated.

If you facing problems because of rats, moles, mice, fleas, wasps, bees, ants, rabbits, woodworm or birds, we can assist you. Call (01273) 767958 today.

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