Have you recently planted crops and plants in your garden? If so, you should be aware of the pest control methods that are used for bird proofing. However, it can be tricky since some bird species are beneficial to your yard. When it comes to farming, some types of birds are seen as pests. So, you need to ensure that you make use of the right methods to protect your crops from annoying birds. The most potential ones are usually a blend of the existing few pest control methods.

The best pest control methods used for bird proofing

Bird control spikes

You can install spikes on your roofs and keep off the birds. The bird control spike is a key remedy for bigger bird infestations. This can easily prevent wild birds from roosting. You’ll come across birds making strange noises at night. That’s when the bird control spike comes to the rescue.


It is one of the very first designs used to scare birds. It is built from wood and straw. Scarecrows are mainly used to protect the wheat fields from crows. However, this doesn’t work with all bird types.


A Helikite is a combination of a kite and an environmentally friendly helium-filled balloon, and it is lighter than air. For scaring birds, this is an effective solution. You can find two types of Helikites in the market. Pick the one that suits your needs the most.


Although you may hear about some birds being laser-resistant, using lasers is still one of the best ways to keep pest birds away from the garden. Even if some lasers work during the daytime, the right time to use them is in the evening, when the level of sunlight decreases. Moreover, you can tune the frequencies and wavelength of the lasers according to the birds.

To sum up, by applying the above-mentioned pest control methods, you can keep annoying birds away from your crops.

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