Rodents, the mere name is enough to send chills down the spine. Once they’ve entered your home, there’s no way you can ignore them. They will wreak havoc throughout the house. They’ll contaminate food, tear things, bite plastics, and mess up the whole house. From the time they infest the house, only one thing will linger in your mind. How to get rid of rodents? Hiring professionals for pest control is the only feasible way out.

For proper pest control in Horsham, you’ll come across many companies. However, ensure you check the range of services the companies offer before hiring them. If they do not have specialists for rodent control, then hiring will not be fruitful.

Here’re a few proven methods of rodent control that professional pest control companies employ.

How to control rodents effectively?

Rodent proofing your home

The first thing that the professionals do is rodent proof the house. They block and seal the probable entrance and exit points through which rodents supposedly invade the house. For instance, fixing the drains, broken pipes, cracks, and holes ensures your house is now rodent-proof. Once this is done, the existing rodents are killed with the help of chemicals. This is a permanent solution, as the existing rodents cannot escape, and new ones cannot find their way inside.

Rodent hunting process

This might seem insane, but if the belongings are emptied, a cat or a dog is let inside to hunt down the rodent. However, you’ll not encounter this process with skilled professionals. However, this is a feasible course of action for a small property.

Using rodent repellents

Professionals generally spray the areas with non-toxic chemicals to kill the rodents. The effects of the chemicals are generally temporary and don’t take a toll on the health of the humans living inside the house. You’ll also come across many rodent repellents in the market that can be used safely. Check the composition beforehand so that you don’t contaminate the food.

Using rodent traps and baits

Professionals also use a rodent trap method. These traps catch the rodents right away. Going wrong with a trap is difficult. This is one of the most successful and proven methods of rodent control. These traps are easy to use. The professionals will lay down the traps in the suspected locations overnight. You can find the rodents being caught in the same.

At Betapest, we have years of experience dealing with different pests and rodents. So, if the rodents have gained a comfortable place in your home, contact us for quick control.