Pest infestation is a common problem that many house owners face regularly. There may be many reasons why pests may be found in a residential space. Whatever it is, the property owner’s primary duty is to put an end to the issue of infestation.

Pest Infestation: Primary Reasons

From lack of maintenance to excessive moisture, you may find these unwanted guests in your home corners for a long time. It would be practical to communicate with a reliable pest control service. They have considerable experience serving homeowners to get rid of insects and pests.

Pests that Build Colonies in Moist Areas:

Accumulation of moisture in the property can be a major cause of insect problems. Some of the insects that breed and prefer staying in moisture are discussed in this blog.

  • Termites: These are destructive insects that can cause massive property damage. They feed on timber products and love staying in their colonies. The first signs of termite infestation in the property begin with a moist, damp space. You may not be able to notice them, but a team of termites will start eating up spaces in your walls and house corners. They are also brilliant little engineers, capable of creating a mud tube, allowing them to come and go to their food source.
  • Ants: Like termites, ants also prefer to set up their colony in a quite damp space. You may primarily find them in kitchens, another important space in the house that sees consistent water usage. Though ants generally feast on sugar and food crumbs, they have an exceptional carrying capacity. You may have heard about the fact that it can carry objects that weigh more than their body weight. They also have a waxy exoskeleton that repels water from their body. 
  • Cockroaches: After a few years of staying in the house, you may spot a few cockroaches here and there. They generally are found in shady and moist areas, like bathrooms and sinkholes. If you do not take a proper step early on, you may be looking at a serious cockroach infestation on the property. Cockroaches are the main cause of different health issues as well.

These are a few insects and pests you may find in the damp areas of your home. To get rid of them instantly, you must contact a reliable source like Betapest. We have nearly four decades of experience in pest control in Worthing. As a well-known pest control service, you can expect professionalism and quality assistance from our end. For more information, you can visit our website.